Nevada Liberty Tax Franchise Offices

From mining to tourism, our diverse economy creates jobs in many sectors. All of these tend to pay several methods, have various benefits, and many are taxed differently. At Liberty Tax, we specialize in providing accurate tax returns for any tax situation and we’ll get you the biggest refund you’re entitled to receive, or the smallest tax liability. Whether you are actively employed or are being taxed on rental property or other income received, our Liberty Tax preparers can get your information sorted and your return filed.

Our Liberty Tax franchise offices are spread throughout Nevada, designed to be conveniently accessed from all major areas. If you don’t live near a Liberty Tax franchise, you can still access Liberty Tax services through our website. We have our own e-file web service which allows you to quickly and easily submit your own taxes with support from the Liberty Tax preparers.

Are you passionate about taxes with a shrewd business mind? We’re looking to expand across Nevada with new Liberty Tax franchise offices.

Liberty Tax Nevada